SINGLE REVIEW: Suis-Je Cool? – The Van T’s

Alt. “90’s dream”, The Van T’s, embody the idea of empowerment. Glasgow based and female fronted, the band are well known for fearless and powerful tracks such as ‘Blood Orange’ and ‘Fresh Meat’. Despite the band being pretty quiet on the music releasing front since 2017, they’ve still bagged plenty of slots at 2018’s festivals and gigs, including Live At Leeds and Community Fest.

Back and fiercer than ever, newest single ‘Suis-Je Cool?’ is relentless and ferocious. It’s fast, punchy tempo combined with heavy guitar and gorgeous vocals certainly packs quite the punch – everything I would expect from the band that always tend to scream power in everything they do.

Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson’s vocals intertwined are beautiful. Their harmonies are delicate yet electric, adding dimension to the track but keeping it dreamy and endearing.

The track boasts some incredible 90’s/grunge tones through use of echoed vocals and fuzzy, raw guitar, radiating an overall ‘fuck you’ vibe that I just love.

Translating to ‘Am I Cool?’ the track is made for those who feel like they don’t fit in, encouraging the importance to embrace everything about themselves despite this.

Since a video hasn’t yet been released for the single, check out the band’s video for ‘Fresh Meat’ to get a glimpse of how super they are:

The Van T’s can be found on facebook, twitter and instagram, as well as Spotify, which features ‘Suis-Je Cool?’.

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