SINGLE REVIEW: Friends – Safe To Swim

Brighton four-piece, Safe To Swim, are back on the scene with a brand new single, ‘Friends‘.

Released on 2nd November, the track was “inspired by speaking to a couple of friends who had tragically lost someone very close to them“.

Despite the unfortunate inspiration, the track is flighty and catchy from the off. Glistening guitars contrast with pounding drums to create a punchy, indie-rock sound that’s reminiscent of a slightly heavier version of The Magic Gang.

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SINGLE REVIEW: Suis-Je Cool? – The Van T’s

Alt. “90’s dream”, The Van T’s, embody the idea of empowerment. Glasgow based and female fronted, the band are well known for fearless and powerful tracks such as ‘Blood Orange’ and ‘Fresh Meat’. Despite the band being pretty quiet on the music releasing front since 2017, they’ve still bagged plenty of slots at 2018’s festivals and gigs, including Live At Leeds and Community Fest.

Back and fiercer than ever, newest single ‘Suis-Je Cool?’ is relentless and ferocious. It’s fast, punchy tempo combined with heavy guitar and gorgeous vocals certainly packs quite the punch – everything I would expect from the band that always tend to scream power in everything they do.

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BAND REVIEW: Thin-Skinned

Brian Eno coined and began using the term ambient music in the late 70’s. In the liner notes of his 1978 album, Music For Airports, he describes ambient music as being “an atmosphere, a tint…intended to induce calm and a space to think”.

Combine this idea of ambience with a dollop of shoe-gaze and a few alt.indie vibes and you have Manchester 5-piece, Thin-Skinned.

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SINGLE RELEASE: Baby You’re A Haunted House – Gerard Way

Ex-My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way, is back for the first time since 2016 with his latest spooky release: Baby You’re A Haunted House.

Appropriately released just in time for the Halloween season, the track is about our inner ghosts and how it feels being in love while dealing with our own demons. It’s fuzzy, lo-fi pop sound resembles some of Way’s previous work, specifically reminiscent to ‘Zero Zero‘ from his 2014 album, Hesitant Alien.

Way stated that he “tried not to overthink it too much” and that’s obvious from the get-go. Diving straight into the chorus, the track is simple but catchy, short but sweet.

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